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Frequently Asked Questions


Due to circumstances beyond our control, is no longer in business. Licenses for our software are no longer available.

We continue to provide free technical support to licensed users of JpegSizer.

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General Information

JpegSizer Versions & Updates

Installation & Uninstallation

Registration Codes

Licensing Questions

General Information

How can I learn more about image resizing and file formats?

Check out our pages Why Resizing is Important and About Image File Formats.

JpegSizer Versions & Updates

What are the differences between the Home, Pro and Plus versions?

You can find a table of the differences on the features page.

Which versions of Windows are supported?

JpegSizer runs on Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and Server.

Is there a version for the Mac or Linux?

Sorry, we don't have any plans to introduce versions for any platform other than Windows.

How do I check for new program updates?

Run the program, then select "Check for updates" on the Help menu. Or click here.

Installation & Uninstallation

How do I install JpegSizer?

After downloading the setup program, run it and follow the easy instructions on the screen. If you need them, detailed step-by-step instructions are available here.

I've installed JpegSizer, but now I can't find it.

The installer gave you the option to add short-cut to your desktop. The icon looks like this:

If you didn't select this option, you can run the program by going to the Windows Start menu, then choosing Programs > JpegSizer > JpegSizer 7.

I'm about to re-install or update my copy of JpegSizer. Should I install to the same folder, or a different one?

Install to the same folder unless you want to keep the old version and go back to it later. In either case, you will have access to your existing profiles and web galleries, because re-installing will not overwrite these.

How do I uninstall JpegSizer?

Exit from the program. Then from the Windows Start menu, choose Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. Locate JpegSizer in the list of installed software, then click Remove.

How do I know JpegSizer doesn't contain viruses or other malware?

JpegSizer has been verified as free from viruses and malware by and

Registration Codes

JpegSizer still runs as the trial version. What do I do with my registration code?

Just run the program, go to the Help menu, then click "Enter registration code". 

JpegSizer won't accept my registration code.

Be sure to enter your registration code, not another number from your transaction details. Also, check carefully for typing errors. Registration codes are 16  characters long, and only contain numerals and the letters "A" through "F". Using copy-and-paste helps avoid errors.

I've lost my registration code. Please send me a copy.

If you have misplaced the registration code for your purchased copy of JpegSizer, we will locate it for you. For fastest response, please use our automated retrieval system.

Licensing Questions

I've replaced my system with a new one. Can I transfer my copy of JpegSizer?

My hard disk crashed, or I had to re-install Windows. Can I re-install JpegSizer and use the same registration code?

Yes you can. This would be a good time to download the latest release of the program. Just install it on your new system and enter the registration code  you received at the time of original purchase.

Can I use a single copy of JpegSizer on both my desktop and laptops computers?

My computer is configured for multiple users. Can they all share a single copy of JpegSizer?

Yes, this is permitted under the terms of our licensing.

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