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License Terms

When you buy a program, your license is based upon our "fair use" terms. That is, one copy of the program can be used by either:

  • One user on one computer; or
  • The same user on multiple computers, such as your desktop and laptop; or
  • Multiple users sharing the same computer

The license does not permit installing the program onto multiple computers used by different people, or providing your registration code to anyone else. In these situations, each user must purchase their own copy of the program.

Update and Upgrade Policy

Updating to a new release of a program is free, with one exception:

There is a small charge for major updates to the Home version of JpegSizer. (The Pro and Plus versions include free lifetime updates.) Major updates are defined by a change in the first digit of the release number. For example from release 6.X to release 7.X.

When a program is offered in more than one version, such as Home and Pro, upgrades are available for a reasonable price.

We reserve the right to change these policies in the future.

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