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Installing Our Programs

All products are delivered as an executable installer program. If your system or network's security settings prevent you from downloading executable (EXE) files, a ZIP file version is also offered. 

After downloading the installer, you run it in the normal way. It will lead you through a very simple procedure, and install all necessary program files in the folder of your choice. Installation does not require any technical skill.

When you install one of our programs, it is added to your Start > Programs menu. You also have the option to add a short-cut to your Windows desktop. You can launch the program using either of these choices.


Our programs can be uninstalled by doing no more than deleting the folder in which you installed.

However it's best to use the uninstaller that we provide, since this will do other clean-up tasks such as removing the program from your desktop and Start menu. When you uninstall a program this way, it does not delete any user files you created while using the program.

To run an uninstaller, first make sure you are not using the program. On the Windows Start menu, go to Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. Locate the program name on the list of installed software. Click Remove.

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