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Change History

Below are the changes made in recent releases of JpegSizer.

This release is a free update, except for users of the Home version release 6 or earlier, who can download release 6.4.1 free of charge.

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All versions:

Simplified email sending when using MAPI

Various minor tweaks


All versions:

Added support for emailing images via web-based email services, such as Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail, Gmail, ISPs, etc. (now supporting MAPI and SMTP protocols)

Option to limit attachments per email message by number or size of files

Moved JpegSizer commands from Windows Explorer's Send To menu to the main context menu for folders and compatible image files

Renamed resize "settings" to "profiles"

Added profile for iPhone 4

Simplified user interface when editing profiles

Increased the screen font size

Improved behavior when launching a second instance of JpegSizer

Minor bug fixes and enhancements

Pro & Plus versions:

Added support for date and time variables in filenames, with control of their formats

Plus version:

Improved responsiveness of automation functions

Improvements to log file display and export

Replaced -R+ command line switch with -R

Many other enhancements to automation functions (see Automation chapter in Help for details)


All versions:

Added profiles for FaceBook and PhotoBucket uploads

Various minor tweaks


All versions:

Added Windows 7 compatibility

Added support for Windows themes

Fixed throughput problem on systems with 4GB of RAM or more

Added option to resize by shorter side

Added option to auto-crop images or increase canvas size to fit width and height requirements

Added option to flip width and height limits for best fit to each original image

Added Print Wizard to help when creating profiles for photo printing

Added option to restore default profiles

Minor enhancements and bug fixes

Home version:

Added setting DPI of resized images (previously Pro version only)

Moved Build-a-batch feature to Pro version

Pro version:

Free lifetime software updates

Added option to resize to percentage of original size

Added option to process images without resizing

Added support for original images in multi-page TIFF files

Added support for saving resized images in BMP format

Added option to update EXIF thumbnail images and add to resized files, or to omit thumbnail from resized files

Added option to insert text in EXIF Comment field of resized images

Moved choice of resampling algorithm from global options to individual profiles

Added support for multi-line captions & watermarks, with choice of justification

Added support for rotated captions

Allow auto-fitting of long captions to use font sizes down to 5pt

Limit captions to TrueType fonts only

Allow captions to be offset into border region

Added choice of date-time format when using %XD/%XT variables in captions

Allow use of %XD/%XT variables in filenames

Moved features to new Plus version: automation, logging, export profiles

Plus version:

Introduced Plus version with automation and other advanced features

Free lifetime software updates

Major improvements to logging feature

Added -O command line switch to override save folder in profiles

Added option to skip all user interactions when processing watch folder files

This release is a free update for users of all older releases.

Download this release

All versions:

Added ability to build a batch of files for resizing from multiple source folders

Added support for pasting an image from the clipboard for resizing

Added pre-defined profile for screen shots

Added option to convert filenames to mixed case

Added option to remove spaces in filenames or replace them with other symbol characters

Added batch time remaining to status bar

When pausing a batch, added choice of Cancel or Resume

Minor enhancements and bug fixes

Pro version:

Added option to save resized images in PNG format, with or without interlacing

When saving files in GIF format, allow specifying palette size

When saving files in JPEG format, allow use of progressive JPEG option

When copying EXIF data to resized files, update EXIF DPI, pixel dimensions and Last Modified Date

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